Co-op Culture Survey

Please answer the following quick questions and enter your email for a complimentary culture assessment

Question 1: I believe my cooperative operates consistently with the cooperative principles

Question 2: The members of the co-op are encouraged to participate in the governance

Question 3: I receive education training and information about the cooperative business model

Question 4: My cooperative seeks opportunities to partner with other types of co-ops

Question 5: My co-op is genuinely concerned about the community

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If you score:
21 or higher Congrats! Keep up the good work. Now ask your colleagues to take the survey too so you can sure others feel the same way

16-20 things appear to be going well just need to be sure they are moving in positive direction, ask your colleagues to take the survey

Below 16 There is work to be done to ensure the co-op utilizes the principles and values as a strategic advantage

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