Adam Schwartz

Founder & Principal, The Cooperative Way

In a strategic alliance with CDS Consulting Co-op

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Adam Schwartz is the founder and principal of The Cooperative Way, a consulting firm dedicated to assisting cooperative businesses succeed. The Cooperative Way is a strategic partner with CDS Consulting Co-op, a shared services cooperative.  Adam has served cooperatives from different sectors for 23 years and has extensive knowledge of the key ingredients that lead to high performing sustainable success for cooperatives from all sectors.

He provides strategic guidance (for boards, employees and members) to cooperatives seeking to utilize cooperative principles and values as a primary force in serving their members and the community.

The Cooperative Way’s Services include:

  • The seven steps to build or restore a cooperative culture within your organization
  • The role your co-op can play in rebuilding your local economy
  • Becoming an active leader in creating cross sector cooperative collaboration for business, policy and social impacts
  • How to grow your business through strategic alliances
  • Partnering to grow capital resources for co-ops

Adam serves as an instructor on cooperative culture at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association MIP program and for the “Power of Cooperatives” course that he co-developed. Prior to founding The Cooperative Way, Adam served as vice president for public affairs and member services from 2005-2011 for the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA), the only national cross-sector member association with a mission of developing, protecting and advancing cooperative businesses.

Adam leverages his extensive cooperative network to create marketing collateral, training guides and articles to convey the strategic advantages cooperatives enjoy in the marketplace. He is a frequent speaker and author on cooperative business, Adam has appeared on MSNBC and CNN to promote cooperatives as the better business model for economic and social change (links to video clips are below).

Prior to his service at NCBA, Adam served from 2001-2005 as Vice President of External Affairs for the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative in Herndon, Va. From 1992-2001, Adam was a senior legislative representative for the NRECA in Washington, DC where he also represented the interests of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation a $20 billion co-op finance organization.


Contact Information & Media Clips:

The Cooperative Way 6358 Demme Place, Suite 300 Springfield, VA 22150

(703) 608-0534    Twitter: @Adamcooperative


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