#CoopsLive Presentation


Social-Savvy Tactics to Put a New “Face” on the 7 Cooperative Principles

The cameras will be rolling as we bring the seven cooperative principles to life – one by one – in this fun, interactive session using live 21st-century communication tools to rejuvenate 19th-century co-op ideas. Through the power of Facebook Live, we will showcase some of the best social media platforms that will help your co-op bridge the generations and encourage active engagement and participation of your membership. Participants are invited to use their personal or co-op Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts as we project live news feeds during the session.

To view the video you must have and be logged into a Facebook account.

Watch the Video Here


Molly McPherson, Principal, Founder, Social Shift Media, Portsmouth, NH
Adam Schwartz, Founder, The Cooperative Way, Fredericksburg, VA


Client: NRECA - Straight Talk

Tags: media

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